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Property Referrals

Let us be your partner in Property Management

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At Guardian Property Management, we value the referral relationship with our professional real estate sales agent partners. When referring properties to us, you can rest assured of these things:

We do not compete with you.
Our agents do not list and sell real estate, so you can confidently refer your owner clients to us without fear that we will end up listing the property for sale when the rental period is over.

We maintain properties to the highest possible standards.
We only accept properties in good quality condition and will assist homeowners with ongoing improvements and maintenance to ensure those standards. Our team does detailed inspections to document condition, arrange repairs and ongoing maintenance.

We communicate well with our shared clients.
We have online resources for our owners to track activity in their accounts and we have highly trained staff that will personally attend to their needs.

We will pay you your deserved referral fees.
When you refer properties to us, we will pay you a referral fee after the first full month's rent is received.

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